We Are Back and Stronger

ANP is back!

ANP wishes to send it's hearty apology to all members, especially those who did not benefited after signing up.

The website stopped unexpectedly due to circumstances beyond us and all data was lost. However, we have put some measures to prevent it reoccurring.

Before our come back, we asked members to vote for and against. Over 95% voted for and less than 5% voted against.

We appreciate all voters and we are indeed confident that ANP return will be greater than what it used to be.

ANP package and earnings are still the same. However, there are little changes which will be posted soon.

It's official, ANP is back.


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    Thank you all. We're glad having you onboard.

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    Welcome back apn we really missed u

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    Please make it more comfortable because alot are scared to buy epins Otherwise, welcome back

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    We hope you won't leave us hinging this time around

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    Last time you lasted for 5 long this time around we make plans?

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    Stronger than ever before

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